Terms and Conditions 

Please take time to read these user conditions carefully and assure you that we will exercise best endeavor at all times to ensure your satisfaction.

  1. Kings Medical Company

We act as third party between the surgeon and yourself and always act in your best interest. The quote for surgery that we will supply will include the procedure that you and the surgeon have agreed upon.

Kings Medical Company does not carry any responsibility for the work of the surgeon, clinic and its staff. Kings Medical Company holds no medical qualifications. In case the surgeon does not recommend the surgery, we do not hold the responsibility. All the medical work undertaken is the responsibility of the clinic. The clinic will provide the client with all the necessary advices and instructions. If the client refuses to follow them resulting into any type of damage or loss because of the lack of care on the client’s side, Kings Medical Company does not take any responsibility.

  1. PRICE

Our medical treatment quote will include all pre flight advices and third party services between yourself, the surgeon and surgery. Meeting you at the airport and professional chauffeuring between your accommodation and surgery for agreed treatments and medical appointments with the surgery. All pre-operative and post-operative consultations with your surgeon, the surgery and hospital accommodation. Our 24 hours care for you during whole trip.

Our medical treatment quote will not include airfares to and from Macedonia, any unforeseen complications that may arise from the surgery or any other cause. This is not limited to but an example of this is additional stay in hospital, further unplanned surgery or consultations with other specialists.



60% of the total expected treatment fee needs to be paid on your first treatment session as a deposit, the rest to be paid on your last treatment session.  

Cosmetic Surgery 

100% payment is required after your treatment.  



With filled medical questionnaire, you agree to let Kings Medical Company and the clinics use this questionnaire for the purposes limited to medical use only. Kings Medical Company does not take any responsibility in case the client has provided false information or has concealed client’s full medical history.

Kings Medical Company is committed to safeguarding any personal information held within our database. We shall take every step necessary to protect personal data and information contained within our website as well as undertake to comply with United Kingdom or European applicable Data Protection legislation currently in existence.

The client is responsible for his safe arrival in Macedonia. Kings Medical Company does not take any responsibility in case there is a delay in flights or if the client’s traveling documents are not valid or insufficient. The transport from the Skopje/Ohrid airports is free of charge if your treatment exceeds a specific amount.

Medical and surgical advice given in this web site is intended to be accurate and to the best of our knowledge, however any advice given should be discussed and thoroughly understood with the surgeon before proceeding with treatments in Macedonia.