Want to love the teeth you’re missing?

Dental implant prices in the UK are astronomical and only a small number of people can afford them. Here with Kings Medical Dental you can have the opportunity to regain your smile with leading brand dental implants for the fraction of the cost of UK.  Typical savings are between 70%-80% which makes us one of the cheapest in Europe.

Our implantology specialists have over 20 years of experience and more than 5000 implants installed.

Dental Implants are placed directly into the jawbone as a substitute for a natural root but even stronger offering a permanent fixed-tooth replacement upon which Crowns and Bridges may be fitted.

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We have no hidden or extra costs, airport transfer, digital x-rays, temporary crowns, dental work, expert consultation, wi-fi, mobile to use whilst in Macedonia and perfect smiles all included. Apart from your accommodation costs (from £35 per night) and 2 x cheap flight costs to Ohrid or Skopje from the UK, you can expect to pay:

  • Mis implant + Abutment + crown (full zirconium) £720
  • Straumann implant + Abutment + crown (full zirconium) £815

Most affordable prices in Europe, and a huge saving compared to the UK.

If you don’t have enough bone available our experienced dental Implantologists can tell from the initial digital OPG x-ray if a bone graft or sinus lift will be needed to support the dental implants.

New Teeth in 24 hours: ALL ON 4

If you don’t have any teeth left, or maybe just a few and you have a denture that is uncomfortable:

There is a solution called “All on 4” where just 4 dental implants are used to support a bridge of up to 10-12 new teeth formed in a bridge for the upper or lower jaw.

Teeth within 24rs and dramatically improve your smile and quality of life.


Implant Consultation

In all cases, before carrying out any dental treatments at the Kings Medical Dental, an Initial Consultation is first necessary to make an accurate assessment of your needs.


Consultation for Implants

If you are considering Implant treatment, our Surgeons and Implantologist will need to do a thorough examination of the state of the bone in your jaw as part of this Consultation.

The health as well as the shape and dimensions (thickness and width) of the jawbone need to be assessed and vital structures – inferior alveolar nerve / sinus – need to be identified.

It is the results of this examination that will determine your suitability for Implants.

If there is not sufficient bone, or there are health problems, it may not be possible to place Implants without first having a bone replacement procedure. Kings Medical Dental can offer artificial bone replacement and sinus lifts.

If your circumstances make you unsuitable for Dental Implants, our dentists will propose the best possible alternative treatment options available for you to choose from with the exact cost, number of visits and the time scale which may depend upon any required healing time.


Implant Surgery & Post-Surgery

Implant surgery is serious but it is not major surgery. A Consultation and Implant surgery require a 2 to 5 day stay depending on other treatments needed.

According to the results of consultation and examination of the jawbone, Implant treatment is arranged in the following steps:

Insertion of the Implant
Healing of the gum
Exposure of the Implant/s
Impression taking
Fitting of Crown and Bridge or Over-Denture

If there are no complicated circumstances, Our Dentist rarely takes more than 15 minutes to place an Implant with surgery usually carried out under local anesthetic.

Following the procedure, you will be provided with a post-surgical pack containing pain killing medication for your comfort and post-surgery instructions for oral hygiene to help you avoid any infections.

You are strongly advised not to fly home on the same day as your surgery and will be re-examined by our Dentist the following day. Soreness from the operation rarely lasts much longer than 2-3 days with most swelling and discomfort gone.


Removal of Stitches
We use absorbable stitches so there is no need to remove any as these will resolve within 10 days


In the end the patient receives a certificate that shows all information and details about the model, the diameter and batch number of the implant. This information is of great importance not only for warranty purposes, but also for the protection of the patient, and in case of future need, the patient can provide all the details to any dentist in the world.

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