Invisalign is the medical device which is used for straighten the teeth alignment as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces.

Invisalign is transparent (invisible) and removable teeth aligners and hence preferred by adults who don’t want to use the traditional metal braces. In simple terms they are referred to as invisible braces. In addition to the obvious advantage of the dental braces being invisible, Invisalign orthodontics offers several other advantages.

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  1. Invisalign are more comfortable then the conventional metal braces. Invisalign braces are specially customized with the precise impression and aligners for the teeth. This improves the overall effectiveness of the use of the technique and improves the quality of the simile.
  2. Invisalign are removable, especially during eating, drinking, brushing, flossing or on any other special occasion. This allows the individual to maintain greater dental hygiene. Clinical data suggest that the incidence of decay, demineralization and shortening of the root of the tooth reduces by over 50%. Invisalign braces are smooth and don’t cause irritation to the gums.
  3. Invisalign braces are changed every two weeks as against the conventional braces which are replaced once in over six weeks. This reduces the pain and force exerted on the teeth by Invisalign, as compared to the traditional metal braces
  4. Studies have been conducted which suggest that individuals using invisalign are treated faster than individuals using conventional techniques, with Invisalign taking 12-18 months for complete treatment.

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